“Hollywood Icon Rex Allen’s Shocking and Tragic End: The Untold Details of the Freak Accident That Rocked Tinseltown!”

Hollywood legend and singing cowboy Rex Allen met a tragic end on Friday at the age of 77 in a devastating accident. The beloved entertainer, famous for his roles in over 20 films for Republic Studios and as the narrator of the cherished children’s movie “Charlotte’s Web,” was fatally struck by a Cadillac driven by his unidentified female caretaker in his Arizona driveway.

The incident occurred as the duo was en route to an appointment. Police indicated uncertainty regarding whether Allen fell before or after the collision, raising the possibility of a heart attack. Cheri Schnepp, a nursing supervisor at Tucson Medical Center, where Allen was pronounced dead at 5:20 p.m., mentioned an ongoing investigation into this aspect.

Known as “the Arizona Cowboy,” Rex Allen joined the ranks of legendary singing cowboys alongside other notable figures. Friend Fred Goodwin eulogized him as “the last of the great singing cowboys” and “a true Western gentleman.” Allen’s film career began in 1949 with his debut, followed by notable appearances in productions like “Under Mexicali Stars” (1950) and “The Phantom Stallion” (1953).

Transitioning to television, Allen starred in a Western series and featured on various variety shows. His voice reached millions through narrating wildlife films in the 1960s, and he later concentrated on television and radio voice-overs for commercials. Notably, he lent his voice to an animated classic in 1973. The tragic accident marked the end of a remarkable career for the singing cowboy and left fans mourning the loss of a Western legend.

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