“Doris Day’s: You’ll laugh at her because she messed up her birthday, She was truly a golden icon”

It seems that Doris Day, the Hollywood icon, had been under the impression that she was turning 93 on her birthday, but her actual birth year was revealed to be 1922, making her 95. The mix-up in her age may have originated from a miswritten birthdate on an audition form when she was younger, according to her spokesman.

Despite the revelation, Doris Day maintained her perspective that age is just a number and expressed happiness at finally knowing her true age. Known for her timeless charm and contributions to the entertainment industry, she planned to celebrate her birthday with a low-key affair at her home in Carmel, California. The Doris Day Animal Foundation, which she founded in 1978, organized a social-media campaign to celebrate her birthday, showcasing the work of the foundation in rescuing and protecting animals.

Doris Day’s close friend mentioned that she enjoys staying updated on the foundation’s activities through photos on her iPad, showing her the success stories of the animals the foundation has helped. Despite the mix-up, it seems that Doris Day continued to embrace her positive outlook on life and celebrate her birthday in her own unique way.

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