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Title: “Concerns Rise Over Morgan Freeman’s Health: The Actor Battles Fibromyalgia and Lingering Effects from Past Accident”


In recent months, foreign media outlets have been highlighting the declining health of 86-year-old American actor Morgan Freeman. Speculations arose after he missed a new series promotion in July due to a sudden illness, and fans expressed worry as he appeared in public wearing a glove.

Comments on social media platforms, particularly TikTok, questioned the actor’s well-being, with many expressing concern about his hand and overall health. It was revealed that Freeman suffers from fibromyalgia, a chronic condition characterized by heightened sensitivity to pain in specific body parts. The actor also faced a severe car accident in 2008 in Mississippi, resulting in significant injuries, including the paralysis of his left arm.


Despite ongoing health challenges, Freeman continues to work actively in Hollywood. However, friends are reportedly concerned, especially as he lost 11 kilograms over a short period this summer. Sources claim that Freeman experiences constant pain, affecting various aspects of his daily life.

While his representative denied claims of health concerns, recent photos on the red carpet have sparked public attention due to Freeman’s visibly thinner appearance. The actor’s battle with fibromyalgia and the lingering effects of his past accident emphasize the resilience he demonstrates despite his health challenges.

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