“Shocking Photos Reveal Melanie Griffith’s Secret Health Battle! What’s Really Happening to the Golden Globe Winner’s Face?”

It seems like the text you provided is related to Melanie Griffith and her recent appearance in West Hollywood with a mark on her cheek, sparking concerns about a possible recurrence of skin cancer. The source suggests that people close to her are worried due to her history of dealing with the disease, and a doctor commented on the situation, indicating that the operation was likely for basal cell skin cancer, which is common and typically curable. The doctor explained that when the cancer is located around certain areas like the ears, nose, eyes, or mouth, additional surgery may be required.

Melanie Griffith has undergone multiple skin cancer surgeries since 2009, and she was previously seen with a bandage on her nose five years ago after a procedure to remove a potentially malignant growth. The doctor mentioned that the operation could be lengthy, depending on the extent of the cancer.

The text also notes that Melanie has advocated for sun protection, advising people to be cautious in the sun, apply sunscreen, and schedule appointments with dermatologists.

Melanie Griffith is 65 years old and has three children, including actresses Dakota Johnson and Stella Banderas, as well as a son, Alexander Bauer.

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