“You Will Be Surprised by the Cat That Returned After 8 Years with an Amazing Story”

We had a cat that went missing for years and we assumed she must’ve been hit by a car and died. I want to say she was missing for about 8 years until she suddenly turned up one day meowing at the door. We were all very shocked and couldn’t believe it was her, spent all night wondering where she had been and what had happened.

Shockingly enough, when we were getting in the car the next morning for the school run a neighbour walks up with a missing poster of our cat!!!! After a lot of back and forth my mum realised this neighbour had taken our cat and locked her inside her house, so she wasn’t allowed outside, this entire time.

When she was with us she was an outdoor cat. She claimed she took her because she thought it was a stray but the cat was very well looked after and all up to date etc. She definitely just wanted the cat for herself. So sad the moment she escaped outside she came straight home to us, and so weird to think she was just a few houses down all those years…

And now we are very happy that our cat is back, and we are taking even more care of him

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